Ruben Kos

Ford - Ka van Karakter

Ka van Karakter

About this project

Ford required a repositioning strategy for its smallest car, the Ford Ka. Repositioning was needed, as it was perceived as an expensive and quite dull car, compared to its competitors in the same segment. In order to change this perception, Ford wanted to place a focus on all the personalization possibilities the Ford Ka offers.

My role

With a mixed team of talented people at Ogilvy & Mather I worked on the visual design, animations and user experience aspects of this project. I designed the final design of the campaign and oversaw the developers creating the Facebook application.

What is your personality?

To create focus on all the personalization possibilities that the Ford Ka offers, we created a short quiz with six simple questions. Every answer translated to an upgrade for your personal Ka. For example, if you prefer sunglasses over gloves, you are better of with a sunroof than seat heating.

The Ka that suits you

At the end of each short quiz, you were shown a completely customized video in which your own Ford Ka was featured. After the short video you entered into a garage where you could play with your custom Ford Ka in 3D.

Where it all comes together

Below you will find the steps that users went through to find out which Ford Ka would suit their personality.

Want to know more about this project?

Let's have a talk and I can show you more details about this project, and answer any questions you may have.